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Freeze Dried Caramel M&Ms®

Freeze Dried Caramel Crunchers

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Freeze Dried Caramel Crunchers Made with Caramel M&M's®

If you're a chocolate and caramel fan, you're going love these! Blasting with flavor these sweet, lightly crunchy and fresh freeze dried candies won't stick to your teeth. This is a house favorite and goes extremely well with our own Bold Buzz Coffee! Our "stand up" pouch is reusable and contains 3 ounces of this delightful treat! This item is fragile, as is all freeze dried candy, and we take extra care when packaging. If you are left with some "crumbles", they serve great as toppings on your favorite desserts such as ice cream or cupcakes! :)

The pouches make great gifts for any special occasion, or to simply treat yourself to a bag of deliciousness. We will personalize the front label free of charge which makes it even easier to send as a gift or party favor handouts!

Message us if you are in need of large quantities. We offer discounted product and shipping pricing based on bulk. Great product to private label to sell in local boutiques or gift shops.

**M&M's® name is a trademark of Mars®. We are NOT associated with, licensed by, or sponsored by Mars® in any way. It is simply an ingredient in our product.

Sold as a 3 oz. resealable pouch

Freeze Dried Caramel Crunchers



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Stacey Ackerley from Binghamton, NY United States
March 14, 2023
Freeze dried candies are my new favorites I will be ordering more of these products in the near future .
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